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Build and host your e-commerce websites on our highly scalable and available cloud infrastructure.

Business Challenges

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Poor User Experience

Massive amounts of static data, which is usually stored on servers, are processed on a daily basis. Users in different network environments may experience delayed access to such data, resulting in poor user experience.

Lack of Proper Data Analysis

Existing e-commerce platforms and related data analysis tools lack intelligent data analysis capabilities. As a result, it is difficult to make key business decisions based on data output.

Compromised Security

E-commerce enterprises encounter risks in various processes, such as ordering, payment, and delivery. The vulnerabilities may come from library hitting and explosion, scalpers, DDoS attacks, and account leakage.

Sudden Traffic Surges

Access traffic can surge hundreds of times during promotions, flash sales, and sweepstakes. As a result, servers become overloaded and e-commerce platforms may even crash.


Typical Scenarios

Online Promotions and Flash Sales

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Static Resource Acceleration

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Precision Marketing Powered on Big Data Analysis

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Comprehensive Protection

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Solution Architectures

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Solution Advantages

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Service Surge Handling

HUAWEI CLOUD e-commerce solution is backed up by powerful data processing capabilities and has been verified by Huawei's consumer cloud and Vmall. The solution supports high concurrency scenarios, even handling hundreds of millions of user requests when there are flash sales or other major events.

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Service Innovation Facilitation

HUAWEI CLOUD offers automatic elastic capacity scaling so when there are sudden surges in demand, your services are ready, and cutting edge AR and AI technologies promote innovation in customer service. HUAWEI CLOUD works with partners to provide you with bespoke end-to-end solutions and to quickly build e-commerce platforms.

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Intelligent Decision-making

HUAWEI CLOUD EI services and inference services help you make intelligent decisions. Your existing systems can directly call or use control interfaces to call HUAWEI CLOUD EI services for decision-making and closed-loop management.

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Comprehensive Security

HUAWEI CLOUD provides secure, reliable cloud services powered by innovative full-stack security technologies and a shared responsibility model, ensuring that your applications and data are not touched. HUAWEI CLOUD also provides a range of authentication and service assurance systems to defend your data from attack, to defend against scalpers, and to ensure transaction security.

Recommend Configurations

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