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Hybrid cloud

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Hybrid Cloud Solution

Hybrid Cloud Solution allows customers to use HUAWEI CLOUD services in their local data centers to meet specific and compliance requirements. Iterative development provides ever-improving cloud services to address ever-changing service requirements and the need for low-latency in certain scenarios. 


Solution Panorama

Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery and Backup

Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery and Backup provides DR and backup capabilities for multiple clouds or cross clouds to meet all of your requirements for service deployment, data protection, and management. It provides multi-layer basic assurance, such as multi-cloud backup and on-cloud DR, which enhances the service continuity and ensures the security of the key data.

Backup and Archive

Backup and Archive provides a secure, economical, and easy-to-manage data protection solution based on HUAWEI CLOUD basic services and backup and archive software to back up local data to the cloud.

Business Challenges

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Difficult Service Innovation

With an on-premise platform, it can take a long time before you have access to the latest cloud technologies. Innovation gets held back.

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Expensive On-Premises DR Centers

The construction of a data center, and the procurement of servers, storage devices and software are both expensive. They result in excessively high CAPEX, and the need for a dedicated O&M team means that OPEX is high too

Typical Scenarios

Overall Architecture

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When migrating your business to the cloud, the data planes of business in the private and public clouds must be interconnected. The private and public clouds will have to coexist for a long time. Hybrid clouds are the future of enterprise cloudification. For hybrid clouds, data-plane services, such as backup and archive and cross-cloud DR, are also key cloudification scenarios. Hybrid Cloud Solution provides multiple channels to interconnect public and private clouds. Hybrid Cloud Solution allows you to integrate resources and run your business more flexibly.


- HCS Online

HCS Online provides a hybrid cloud that connects the public and private clouds. It has a unified public cloud service ecosystem and unified public cloud O&M management. It can be deployed in public cloud data centers or customers data centers.


HCS allows customers to scale public cloud resources from their local premises.

- DR and backup

DR and backup from the private cloud to public cloud provide excellent performance at a low price.

Solution Advantages

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Unified Architecture and Services

All cloud services run the same on the public and private cloud, right down to the GUI and operation logic.

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Rapid Iteration and Unified O&M

All cloud services run the same on the public and private cloud, right down to the GUI and operation logic.

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Cross-Cloud DR

Cloud-based, cross-AZ DR is available so you can perform DR failovers in just a few clicks and perform DR drills as required.

Recommended Services

Storage Disaster Recovery Service

Storage Disaster Recovery Service (SDRS) provides cross-AZ disaster recovery (DR) protection for servers. It supports recovery point objective (PRO) equal to 0, greatly reduces DR TCO for enterprises, and simplifies the DR process. If a fault occurs at the production site, you can quickly restore services at the Dr site. This significantly shortens service interruptions and reduces loss.

Cloud Container Engine

Cloud Container Engine (CCE) is a high-performance, high-reliability solution for enterprises to manage containerized applications. CCE uses native Kubernetes applications and tools to set up container runtime environment on the cloud.

Independent Innovation



Huawei has built an ecosystem based on the Kunpeng series chips. Kunpeng powered servers (TaiShan servers) and Kunoeng cloud services work together to support partners and developers alike.


Huawei has completed compatibility tests on mainstream OSs and provided self-developed EulerOS.

Tool Chain

Huawei provides code migration, optimization acceleration, and compilation tools and the environment to run them in. Huawei also works with open source communities to support basic software and middleware for Kunpeng, facilitating application development and migration.

Huawei welcomes the opportunity to work with industry partners to continuously make strategic investments in OSs, compilers, tool chains, and basic software and middleware, to actively develop the software ecosystem of Kunpeng.

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