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​Employee Dashboard

  • An intelligent dashboard with necessary quick links and overview of the complete system.

Leave Management

  • Apply / Approve leaves. Check leave balance against leave categories. Smart leave filters.

Attendance Management

  • Use Time In / Time Out buttons to mark attendance. Or bulk upload attendance of employees instantly using CSV file.

Expense Management

  • Apply / Approve expense reports. View expense receipts. Pay manually or automate by integrating with Payroll.

Timesheet Management

  • Employees can update their daily tasks created for them by admin. View number of hours spent in each task.

Training Management

  • Create trainings, define trainer. Employees can view training calendar and nominate self for training.

Assets Management

  • Add assets, bulk upload using CSV, assign to employees, define expected return date, release to pool.

Apply For Internal Jobs

  • Employee can view internal jobs posted by company admin, apply for them.

Pay Slips

  • Employee can view his compensation details, view all pay slips and download them as and when required.

Holiday Calendar

  • It defines he holidays period.

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Personal Details

  • Employees can keep their personal details like address, phone numbers updated.

Company Specific Details

  • Employees can view their company specific details like department, designation, reporting manager.

Employee Qualification

  • Maintain all necessary details related to employee's qualifications, year of passing, degree, etc.

Job History

  • Maintain information of all past employers, overall experiences, CTC and designation.

Family Members

  • Maintain details of all dependents in the family, their contact numbers and occupation.

Documents / Photos

  • Employees can submit all requisite documents and also download those pushed by their admins.

Bank Details

  • Employees can keep their bank account details updated, so that salary is transferred in the right account.

Employee Timeline

  • Employees can keep track of everything going on in their HR system along with time for each process.

Assign Managers Permissions

  • Assign managers to employees responsible for approving/ rejecting leaves/ expenses of employees.




  • Opening / Positions​

  • Approved Requisitions

  • Rejected Requisitions

  • CV Management

  • Scheduled Interviews

  • Shortlisted & Selected Candidates



  • Action

  • Name

  • Background Check Status

  • Job Title

  • Email

  • Employee Status




Define Payroll Components​

  • Admins can configure Earning/ Deduction components according to rules applicable in their company.

Define Pay Structures

  • Admins can easily create Pay Structures using earning/ deduction components, taxes and save them for reuse.

Define Taxes

  • Admin can define various tax components according to the requirements of the company.

Multi Currency

  • Diff currency can be used.

Assign Pay Structures

  • Group employees with common pay components to same Pay Structure. Assign default component values.

Comprehensive Payroll Reports

  • View overall salary paid in company for a month, various earning/ deduction details.

Full & Final Settlement

  • Process Full and Final settlement for employees who have raised resignation request.

Salary Statement For Bank

  • Salary report for bank with details of each employees net salary and bank account details is created automatically.

Auto Mail Pay Slips

  • Pay slips are automatically mailed to employees' official email once payroll is processed.

Make Appraisals

  • Quickly make employees' appraisals by defining new Pay Structure / Reporting Manager / Designation for them.



Create Job Posting

  • Post job vacancies in your organization, describe available positions, qualifications/skills/experience etc.

Assign Online Test

  • Create online tests, associate these them to necessary job postings. Give weight-age to the tests.

Applicant Self Service

  • Applicants can view job vacancies and apply for them. Go for the online tests and submit answers.

Resume Archiving

  • Receive and manage applicant resumes instantly, check their test scores and save them in the database.

Auto Interview Mails

  • Recruiters can create, edit, schedule interviews. These schedules are mailed automatically to applicants.

Applicant Tracking

  • Recruiters can label resumes as Shortlisted/ Rejected/ Approved/ On Hold etc and use them for tracking later.



Employee Directory Search

  • Employees can search other employees in organization and view their complete profile.

Organization Charts

  • View all employees in the company, their departments, designations in hierarchical order.

Company Calendar

  • View list of all holidays and training calendars declared for the year by the company.

Forms / Policies

  • Employees in the company have the option of viewing / downloading the forms / policies of the company.

News / Announcements

  • Employees can subscribe to News/ Announcements to keep themselves updated with company activities.

Employee Birthdays

  • Employees can view birthdays of their peers and wish them for the same.




Create Multiple Admins or Privilege Access

  • Feature to create any number of admins with various access levels and permissions.

IP Address Restrictions

  • Admin cab restrict company's private HR portal from opening up from outside list of configurable IP addresses.

Permission Based Access

  • Multi level of authentication/ authorization checks while allowing any admin accesses.

Mass Emailing To Employees

  • Admins can send instant notifications / mails to employees in bulk for various departments / designations.

CSV Extraction Of All Data

  • Admins have the authority download all company data into CSV files with just one click.

Profile Of Ex-Employees

  • Admins have the option of maintaining / deleting the profiles of employees who have left the organization.




Reports & Analytics

  • HR provides detailed analytic reports for various modules provided in the system.

Personal HRMS

  • To creates a personal HR portal for each company which employees of respective company only have access to.

Custom Domain

  • To allows mapping company's personal HR to any unique domain address with just few settings.


  • Admins can configure their HR portal as per their needs, enable/ disable modules as per convenience.

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